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Vitamin B6, also known as pyridoxine, is a water-soluble vitamin that your body needs for several functions. Our body cannot produce vitamin B6, so you must obtain it from foods or supplements. It is involved in more than 100 enzyme reactions and is required for the proper function of sugars, fats, and proteins in the body. It is also required for the proper growth and development of the brain, nerves, skin and immune system.

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Found in
Liver, whole grain cereals, peanuts, bananas, turkey, chickpeas, tuna, salmon, potatoes
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Chemical Synthesis
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Let’s understand the science !

  • B-complex vitamin are essential to normal brain function and energy production. Read more
  • B complex vitamins are central to mitochondrial cell function and play an important role in energy production. Read more
  • A vitamin B6 deficiency may contribute to increased homocysteine levels and an abnormal methionine load test, both of which are associated with premature cardiovascular disease.Read more

Let’s understand the science !

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