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Award-winning, clinically backed Lutemax 2020 is popularly known as the "eye vitamin", and is extracted from the leaves of the vibrant marigold flower. It’s packed with essential macular nutrients that are good for your eyes and help filter sunlight. There's a few reasons it’s an award-winning ingredient for eye health: it prevents retinal damage caused by blue light from screens, improves your cognitive performance, enhances your vision, and prevents eye fatigue and headaches.

About the ingredient

Found in
Egg yolk, maize, red grapes, zucchini, spinach, pumpkin
Sourced from
Marigold flower
Made in
Karnataka, India
Made at
OmniActive, Pune, India

Let’s understand the science !

  • Supplemental lutein and zeaxanthin can increase the total macular pigment levels and helps to improve visual processing speed and visual-motor behavior thereby supporting the eye health. Read more
  • Macular carotenoid supplementation has been shown to improve overall sleep quality, headache frequency, eye strain, eye fatigue, and all visual performance measuresRead more
  • Lutein and Zeaxanthin supplementation improves visual & verbal memory, and also boosts focus, concentration and cognition functions in young adults.Read more

Let’s understand the science !

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