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The richest nutrients go into this natural extract, which retains only the best of green tea. It contains dynamic antioxidants, which enhance weight loss and fat burning activity in the body, while balancing blood sugar levels and protecting your heart. It’s also brimming with phytochemicals like epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), epicatechins, flavanols, and flavonoids, all of which hold unhealthy fats at bay while keeping you completely energized.

About the ingredient

Found in
Green tea
Sourced from
Camellia Sinensis Leaves
Made in
Karnataka, India
Made at
Prakruti Products, Karwar, India

Let’s understand the science !

  • High doses of green tea extract can significantly reduce body weight without adverse side effects.Read more
  • Green tea extract has clinical potential for the maintenance of weight after intentional weight loss. Read more
  • Green tea extract reduces blood pressure, inflammatory biomarkers, oxidative stress and improves parameters associated with insulin resistance in obese, hypertensive patients.Read more

Let’s understand the science !

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