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Trying to lose weight? Try this simple plan

Diet Plan For Weight Loss For Women — Things You Must Know

If you're looking to shed a few kilos and get in shape, what you need is a great diet plan. We say this because a well-structured diet plan for weight loss caters to all the nutritional needs of the body. It is further designed keeping in view your body type, health concerns, lifestyle and activity levels.

Additionally a good diet plan for weight loss is created with an understanding that people struggling with easy weight gain issues may be experiencing sudden hunger pangs. These may not necessarily stem from an empty stomach but rather, a desire to satiate the taste buds. Hence, it is vital to include foods – and even weight management supplements - that are nourishing and satiating to avoid binge eating.

If you're a woman working towards weight loss, start by choosing a highly effective diet plan designed keeping your specific nutritional needs in mind. We tend to multitask during the day, and personal health and nutrition often take a backseat. However, with a specially created diet plan for weight loss for females, it is easier to stay focused on your goal and your whole routine can be structured around it.

Points To Consider In A Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Whether it is a specifically targeted fat loss diet plan for females or a general wellbeing diet chart for weight loss for females, there are some important factors to keep in mind. This is because women’s bodies are different from men’s bodies – and one diet plan cannot fit all.

Here are some points to consider in a diet plan for weight loss for female -

  • Water Intake

    The plan must be supported with at least 2.5 litres of water daily to ensure that there is minimal bloating and water retention as women are extremely prone to it.

  • Fibre Intake

    The diet plan must contain ample fibrous foods and fruits to cater to every woman’s need for a balanced diet of vitamins and minerals. For example, foods like watermelon, cucumber, sprouts, etc. are rich in fibre, protein, phosphorus, calcium, and zinc.

  • Sugar Intake

    It’s important to maintain negligible sugar intake during the day when you’re considering a diet plan for weight loss for women. Female bodies run with a fine balance of hormones – and sugar is an inflammatory ingredient that not only triggers hormonal imbalance, but also causes weight gain, bloating and acidity. Moreover, it aggravates body pains, and is not good for your skin and hair either, negatively impacting collagen reserves. Therefore, your only sugar intake should be the one derived from natural fruits and rotis or rice.

  • Seed Cycling

    This is an easy way to manage hormonal imbalances in women and ensure regular and healthy menstrual cycles. Seeds help balance hormones as they are rich sources of minerals and omega 3 fatty acids. But all seeds need not be taken daily.

    • Seed cycling helps one target specific hormones during a specific phase of your period cycle — hormone progesterone during the first half of your cycle and hormone estrogen during the second half of your cycle.
    • For the follicular phase (first 13 or 14 days after your last period) health experts advise daily consumption of 1 tbsp each of pumpkin seeds and flax seeds (freshly ground).
    • For the luteal phase (day 15 till the first day of your next period) one must consume1 tbsp each of sunflower seeds and sesame seeds (freshly ground).
  • Weight Management Supplements

When any fat loss diet plan for women includes weight management supplements,it is to support the efforts of the body and provide faster results. Many assume that supplements keep the body from functioning normally. However, that can't be further from the truth! Supplements offer just the right support to boost your body's metabolism and bring it back into the habit of breaking down food in the right manner. They are certainly not habit forming. Some supplements that you may use are -

  • Metabolism boosting Apple Cider Vinegar Fizz Tablets by Setu that also enahnce digestion, satiation, and energy.
  • Herbal ingredients-enriched Setu Lean Lite for appetite control, energy, fat burning and digestive health.
  • Probiotic supplements like Tummy: Probiotic by Setu for improved digestion and better gut flora that will eventually improve the metabolism and support your weight loss goals. Pre or probiotic supplements also help to detoxify the body and balance the pH of the stomach.

Diet Plan For Weight Loss For Female

Although diet plans are best tailor made to specific lifestyle and health requirements of an individual, it is not always possible to get one immediately without a consultation with a nutrition expert.

Therefore, we have put together an easy-to-incorporate 7-day diet plan for weight loss, which largely covers all vital areas and can be easily tweaked to create a personalized experience.

Since this is a 7-day diet plan for weight loss, we have provided at least three options per meal – to which you can add similar dishes of your choice, based on what you enjoy eating.

Early morning

  • Start your day with a glass of warm water with a squeeze of lemon
  • Your second glass of water can be any of the following drinks — fenugreek seeds water / cumin seeds water / cinnamon water.
  • Almonds -5 and Walnuts - 2 halves


  • Egg sandwich with mint chutney and brown bread (no mayo) / Poha / Paneer sandwich / Mix dal chila
  • 1 cup low fat milk/ 1 Bowl of curd / 1 bowl of oats dalia / mango shake made using 1 slice of mango only and no sugar / cold coffee made using honey instead of sugar

Mid day snack

  • Sprouts salad with cucumber, tomato, raddish, carrot and onions. Or
  • A bowl of mixed fruits or any whole fruit of your choice
  • A glass of fresh fruit juice / fruit smoothie with curd / 1 glass salty lassi / green tea

Evening snack

  • Tea with fat free milk and jaggery or or 1 glass lassi
  • Boiled egg white / three slices of paneer
  • 2 tablespoons of freshly ground seeds of your choice as per your menstrual phase

Things to keep in mind when following your diet plan for weight loss

After you’ve finalized your 7-day diet plan for weight loss,keep the following tips in mind for effective and fast results:

  • Focus on portion sizes instead of eliminating food items from the diet all together. You can consume sugary fruits, like mangoes or custard apples, provided you take just a small slice.
  • Make sure your meals are prepared fresh and cooked in less oil without any cream.
  • Red meats must be avoided.
  • Eat at least 2 bowls of salad and 1 bowl of fruits every day to meet your required fibre intake.
  • Include food items from all food groups (carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, fats, and minerals) in your diet plan to ensure a balanced diet. This supports metabolism and weight loss.
  • Never miss any meal, especially breakfast.
  • Always eat your dinner two hours before bed time to allow ample room for digestion.


  • 1 cup mixed vegetable soup (an hour before dinner)
  • 1 medium bowl of dal or any gravy dish - vegetarian or non vegetarian
  • ½ cup vegetables of your choice prepared in less oil
  • 1 chapati - avoid rice if had during the day
  • Lunch

    • 1 medium bowl of any type of cooked lentils (dals) / matar paneer gravy / Gravy chicken / gravy fish etc. Avoid red meat
    • ½ medium bowl of curd
    • ½ cup vegetables of your choice prepared in less oil
    • 1 chapati and 1 bowl rice or 2 chapatis
    • 1 big bowl of Mixed salad


    If you’re looking for results, stick to your diet chart for weight loss for females with determination. You may have one cheat meal every week – but never over do it as it’s pretty easy to sway off your plan!.

    If you need help, opt for Setu’s high quality weight management supplements and enjoy great results. Remember to keep the aforementioned points in mind and start your journey towards good health, weight loss and a better you!

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